Garbage and Collection Day

Pickup Tips for Garbage Collection Day (Wednesday):

There is a two bag per household limit on garbage each week. 

Additional garbage may be added for a charge of $1.00 per bag

Additional bags must have a yellow tag attached.

Tags may be purchased at the RM of Headingley Municipal Offices, 126 Bridge Road or at Headingley Foods 8515 Roblin Blvd

Put your garbage out by 7:00 am.

The best container for your garbage is a good quality garbage bag.

Garbage bags must weigh less than 50lbs.

If you use small kitchen bags or grocery bags for your garbage, put them in larger sealed bags.

Package sharp objects (e.g. broken glass, knives, nails, needles) in puncture-proof containers with lids and put them in your garbage container.

Place all loose garbage (e.g. sawdust, ashes, vacuum contents) in sealed bags. Loose garbage can blow out of the truck into the collectors’ eyes and litter neighborhoods.

If you use garbage cans, remove the lids before placing the cans out for collection. Lids and empty containers can become a traffic hazard or become lost or damaged, especially on windy days.

Put small amounts of animal waste in tightly sealed double bags.

Leave some space between your recyclables and your garbage. This helps both the recycling and garbage operators identify what they should collect at your home.


The RM of Headingley encourages our residents to actively re-cycle. With a two bag weekly garbage limit, Headingley is a leader in recyling in Manitoba. Each week, along with your garbage pickup we have a curbside recycling program. Below is a list of products picked up each week.

The RM of Headingley uses a clear or clear blue bag collection method. We no longer use re-cycle green or blue containers.

 The R.M. of Headingley accepts the following items for recycling:

Newspapers, flyers, magazines, and catalogues

Aluminum cans, steel/tin cans

Glass jars and bottles


Plastic containers - including PET #1, HDPE #2, #5 and #7

Styrofoam is NOT accepted in Manitoba