Development Plan 2014

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HEADINGLEY'S DEVELOPMENT PLAN sets out the community's goals, objectives and polices to guide future development within the community. the plan is flexible, in that it is reviewed in whole periodically, as well, amendments to the plan may be initiated by application.
 Plan amendments should be closely reviewed to ensure that the community's long term interests are protected. The plan has several different designations that allow for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or other land uses. A land use map showing the land use designation for the different areas of Headingley can be viewed at the end of the document, on our web map (link is on the front page) or at the municipal office.


A Development Plan amendment is the process of legally changing the land use designation of a property in the RM of Headingley. Before any development takes place on a property, such as rezoning or constructing a building, the owner of the property has to check the existing land use designation. If the proposed development does not conform to the land use designation, the property owner must apply for a Development Plan amendment.

To Amend the Development Plan 

Application Fees: $5,000.00

Actual out of pocket fees incurred by the municipality for the cost of technical, administrative, professional, consultative or other services required by the municipality in examining an application in accordance with fees and charges levied by a person or firm retained on behalf of the municipality to furnish such technical, administrative, professional, consultative or other services.