Mosquito Control


West Nile Virus

The West Nile Virus threat is expected to develop again this year and the Province has recently announced the strategy for dealing with the threat. Extensive mapping of standing water sites throughout the Capital Region has been completed and an extensive larviciding program will be undertaken. Should conditions warrant, an adult spraying program will be conducted on a cost shared basis between the municipality and the province. For information on the provincial strategy visit


The Rural Municipality of Headingley contributes towards the Capital Region Mosquito Larviciding Program. The program is delivered in Headingley by the City of Winnipeg Insect Control Branch. It includes the application of biological insecticide Vectobac (BTI)and Altosid(methoprene)chemicals to areas of standing water. It is considered to be the most effective control of mosquitoes.

Adult Mosquito Control

The RM of Headingley has instituted an adult mosquito control program to supplement the larvaciding program. Spraying will take place periodically using DeltaGard.  Licensed applicators use a truck mounted sprayer for roadside operations. Spraying notices will be posted on this web site and at local mail box sites outlining specific activities. For more information on DeltaGard visit 

Buffer Zones

Notice of insect control operations are advertised on an annual basis. Any individuals opposed to the use of insecticides on or adjacent to their residence for the control of insects, may register their opposition with the RM of Headingley. This notice then exempts the registrant’s home and a 100 m buffer zone adjacent to their property from the control program specified. In order for the exemption to be adequately processed, notice must be received at least three working days prior to the start of the insect control program.


  • Remove or empty small water containers
  • Cut tall grass and weeds which harbour adult mosquitoes
  • Cover or empty large water containers
  • Fill in low lying areas where water accumulates
  • Change pet water regularly
  • Chlorinate pools
  • Flush bird baths
  • Repair leaky outdoor faucets
  • Store tires indoors
  • Keep eavestroughs free of debris
  • Cover rain barrels with tight fitting screens
  • Turn canoes over and cover boats

For additional information on mosquito or other insect control click here.