Forms / Documents

Forms for Applications and Compliance.

Letter of Authorization - serves as an official document granting permission or authority to an individual or entity to act on behalf of another party for specific tasks, actions, or responsibilities as outlined within the letter 

Electrician's Declaration of Compliance - Confirm that the electrical work on your premise meets or exceeds the Manitoba Electrical Code. It needs to be completed by your electrician. Please submit it for inspections to ensure compliance.

Residential Mechanical Ventilation Design Summary - Outlines key details and specifications related to the mechanical ventilation system in a residential building.

Letter of Compliance - Used to officially affirm and certify that the submitted design complies with all relevant regulations and standards under the oversight of the design professional.

Letter of Assurance - Provides a formal declaration and guarantee that the project or work complies with established standards, regulations, and requirements, assuring stakeholders of its adherence and quality. 

Assurance of Retention of Professional - Formalizes and guarantees the engagement and retention of a professional's expertise or services for a specific project or duration, outlining the terms, responsibilities, and expectations of the professional's retention.  

Lot Grade Plan Requirements - Outlines items and details required as part of a Lot Grade Plan required for Development Permits.