Residential Permit Information

The following page is designed to walk you through the requirements to apply for various permits. If you have any questions regarding the permit process please call the Building Inspector at (204) 837-5766.

To apply for a permit, click here.

When are Building Permits Required?

New Home Residential Construction

  • Complete an Application Form
  • PDF of engineer stamped plans
  • Status of Title ( At Development Officers discretion)
  • Lot Grading Plan if one does not already exist( At Development Officers Discretion)
  • A Site Plan
  • Meets Zoning Setback Restrictions
  • Pay Permit fee based on construction Type/Size/Value

Conditional Requirements

  • Developer Approval in certain developments
  • Geo-technical Report if property is along the River
  • Manitoba Highway Approval if along a Provincial Highway

Detached Garages, Sheds and other Accessory Structure Permits

  • Structures that are less than 107.6 Sq ft in size do not require permits
  • Complete Application including square footage
  • Site Plan showing where on your property the building will be located, with distance to property lines and existing structures
  • PDF of Structural and Foundation Plans
  • Status of Title (At development officers discretion)
  • Meet restrictions as follows:
    • RR20, RR1A, RR1B, RR1C, RR1D, RR1E, RR1F, RR1G, RR1H, RR1J (Single Family Residential) 600 Square Feet Maximum Building Area, Maximum Height of 18 Feet or one Story. In zone RR20 only, if the lot is greater than 21,000 square feet, the maximum area of an accessory building can be up to 800 square feet.
    • RR1 1100 Square Feet, Square Feet Maximum Building Area, Maximum Height of 18 Feet or one Story.
    • RMU-1 (Monterey Park Sub-division) 600 Square Feet, Maximum Building Height 15 Feet or one Story
    • RR2 1800 Square Feet, Maximum Building Height 24 Feet or one Story
    • RR5 2000 Square Feet, Maximum Building Height 24 Feet or one Story
    • AG-5 (Hamlet south of Hatfield) 2000 Square Feet, Maximum of 24 Feet or one Story
  • Minimum Zoning Setback Restrictions

Additions, Sunrooms and Enclosed Deck Permits

  • Complete Application , including square footage
  • 1 digital set of plans (as attachment in Cloudpermit)
  • Status of Title (At Development Officer's discretion)
  • Lot Grading Plan if one does not already exist (At Development Officers Discretion)
  • Site Plan showing where on the property the structure will be located and distance to all property lines
  • Structural and Foundation Plans

Deck Permits

  • Decks under 1.97 Ft High do not require a permit unless anchored to the building
  • Complete Application Form
  • Status of Title ( At development Officer's discretion)
  • Site Plan of where deck is located on property
  • Digital set of plans showing deck structure and foundation

Basement Development Permits

  • Complete Application, including square footage
  • Digital set of floor plans

Fence Permits

  • No Permit needed
  • No Electric or barbed wire fences will be allowed
  • Rear fence must not be higher than 6.56 Feet and front fence no higher than 4 feet. The front corner of your house is the dividing line between the front and rear fence.

Swimming Pools and hot Tub Permits

  • Complete Application with value of Pool or Tub
  • Permit is required for anything that holds more than 2 feet of Water
  • PDF of engineered plans (email is the preferred method)
  • Site Plan showing where the pool and fence is or will be built
  • Status of Title
  • Meet the following restrictions:
    • Minimum Setbacks
    • No closer than 10 feet to any side yard and 5 feet to any rear yard property line
    • Must be enclosed by a Fence
    • Non-Climbable fence with a minimum height of 5 Feet and a maximum height of 6.56 Feet
    • This must be accompanied with a self closing lockable gate.
    • Fence is not necessary if pool or hot tub is enclosed by a deck where a minimum of 5 feet from the ground to top rail of the deck with a lockable gate.
    • Geo-technical report if pool is within 150 feet of the river (At development officers discretion)

Demolition Permit

Application Permit

  • Site Plan of building(s) being demolished
  • Service Fee