Residential Building Fees & Permits

We are pleased to provide our building permits below.

Please download the PDF and return to:

Planning Department,
The RM of Headingley,
126 Bridge Road,
Headingley, MB.  R4H 1G9

Note: The RM of Headingley will require 1 set of your blue prints in paper format and a digital copy in PDF or CAD format. No permits will be released without this requirement.


Residential Building Permit Fees
 30 cents per square ft Finished Space
 15 cents per square foot Unfinished space eg. Basements and attached garages
 Minimum fee $500.00
 Minimum Fees for Additions $250.00
 Detached Garage or Building under 240 Sq Feet $100.00
 Over 240 sq feet $.25C per sq foot
 Outside Swimming Pools $.25C per square foot
 Basement recreation room $.30C per square foot
 Attached Decks First 240 Square Feet $100.00 remaining $.25C Square foot

Plumbing Permit

 Residential Plumbing Permit              $15.00 per fixture 
 Industrial and Commercial Permit $15.00 per fixture

Sewer and Water Connection

 Residential Connection Fee 5/8 Inch Meter $550.00
 Larger than 5/8 basic fee plus actual cost of RF Meter $200.00

Refundable Deposits Required for Construction

A refundable deposit of $5000.00 will be held until all elements of construction are completed, including Lot Grading, Road damage, Sewer and Water installation to municipal standards.

For pool permits a refundable deposit of $1000.00 will be held until completed, including Lot Grading, fencing and lockable gate, final pool and damage inspection.

Please note above fees may be subject to change and additional fees may be added. Please contact Development Officer for further information. Please contact Manitoba Hydro for all electrical permits