Headingley Grand Trunk Trail

The Headingley Grand Trunk Trail is the abandoned rail line that traverses the municipalities of Headingley and Cartier from the Perimeter Highway to Beaudry ParkThe railway bed, originally built by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway was used from 1894-1972.

The Trail covers an approximate distance of 10 KM

The Headingley Grand Trunk Trail Association is responsible for the development of the trail and promoting the path to health and recreation.

In 2017 a new bridge was added to the west end of the trail. The bridge allows safe travel across a creek leading to Beaudry Park and it is no longer necessary to leave the trail and travel along the road to reach the park entrance.

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Future projects include securing the protection of a section of remnant prairie along the trail and the development of an interpretive program related to the prairie.

Additionally, the Headingley Grand Trunk Trail Association continues to work with other transportation advocates to develop a safe link to the Winnipeg trail network across the Perimeter Highway.

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Our Board of Directors

Chair: Diana Juchnowski
Vice Chair: Rob Cuthbertson-Black
Past Chair: Karl Gompf
Acting Treasurer: Karl Gompf
Secretary: Joan Spice

Board Member at Large: Jean Robson
Board Member at Large: Robert Burch
Board Member at Large: Les McCann
Board Member at Large: Crystal Cuthbertson-Black
Board Member at Large: Jeff Kutney
Ex-officio RM of Headingley Councillor: Jim Robson

Ex-officio Macdonald-Headingley Recreation District: Susanne Moore


Become a Member

Membership will help to achieve the goal of developing a safe, attractive, multi-use recreational trail in Headingley.

For more information on on the trail or becoming a member, please contact Diana Juchnowski at 889-9823.

Downloads... Headingley Trail Map [125KB PDF]

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