Commercial Fees and Permits


Permit Application Requirements Check List

Permit Fees

1% of the 1st $500,000.00 of Construction Value

.5% of the Remaining Construction Value

Additional Fees

Where a permit has not been obtained prior to the commencement of the actual work through neglect or some other reason the fees shall be double the normal rate for the work done up to the date the permit was issued.

For each re-inspection of an installation made at least one week after the permittee has been notified of a defect in installation and where upon such subsequent re inspection if found that the defects have not been remedied a fee of $75.00 shall be paid

Sign Permit

Sign Installation Permit Form

  • Complete Application
  • Design, type and content of sign
  • Department of Highways approval if within 125 meters of provincial highway
  • Owners approval if leasing land
  • Site Plan showing sign's location on property including measurements to property lines
  • Application Fee

Letter of Compliance

Letter of Assurance

Assurance of Professional

Occupancy Permit Application

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