RM of Headingley Council Committee Appointments 2018

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Committee Name
Management and Personal                     John Mauseth and John Van Massenhoven
Finance:Regular Members                       Jim Robson and Tom Roche
Works and Operations                             John Mauseth and Tom Roche
Heath and Protective Services                 John Mauseth and John Van Massenhoven
Planning and Property Services (PAC)     Jim Robinson and Yolande Franzmann
Rec Services, Parks and Green Space      John Van Massenhoven and Yolande Franzmann     Alternative, John Mauseth
Board of Revision                                     John Mauseth, Jim Robson, John Van Massenhoven, Tom Roche, Yolande Franzmann
Utility                                                       Jim Robson and John Van Massenhoven    
Other Organizations   
Headingley Chamber of Commerce           Tom Roche, Alternative John Mauseth
Cartier Water Co-Op                                  Jim Robson and John Van Massenhoven
Association of Rural Municipalities           John Mauseth and Yolande Franzmann
Headingley Municipal Library                    Jim Robson
Headingley Senior Services                       Yolande Franzmann
Headingley Heritage Centre                      Tom Roche
MacDonald-Headingley Rec District          Yolande Franzmann
Headingley Community Foundation          John Van Massenhoven
Winnipeg Metropolitan Region                  Jim Robsom, Alternative John Mauseth